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Shuri-jō -Shurijo Castle Park-

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Data ID 470100114
Name of film commission Okinawa Film Office
Location Naha city, Okinawa prefecture
Date photographed 09/2001
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description Although the precise date of construction is unknown, there are records of it becoming the official residence of the king after unification of the three kingdoms of the island under the First Sho Dynasty early in the 15th century. Shurijo Castle was repaired and expanded by King Sho Shin of the Second Sho Dynasty. Outside the main castle were two gates, one of which was Shureimon. In the ramparts made of quarried Ryukyu limestone can be found the Kankaimon, Zuisen and Hakuginmon gates. In the inner court, the main building Seiden stands with the Nanden (south hall) on its left and the Hokuden (north hall) on its right. Shurijo Castle was destroyed during the war, but part of it has since been reconstructed. In 1992 the area was opened to the public as Shurijo Castle Park. Shurijo Castle is protected and inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as a treasure of significant cultural or natural importance to the whole world.
Era of location (facility) Before the Meiji era
Parking available
Contact c/o Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau,
Okinawa Industrial Support Center 2F, 1831-1 Oroku, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 901-0152
Inquiry Phone:098-859-6162


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