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Nakagusuku-jō site -Nakagusuku Castle Remains-

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Data ID 470100110
Name of film commission Okinawa Film Office
Location Kitanakagusuku village, Okinawa prefecture
Date photographed 09/2001
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description Standing high on a hill overlooking Nakagusuku Bay, the castle consists of six enclosures. In 1440, Gosamaru, then lord of Zakimi castle, was relocated there. He is said to have extend the Nakagusuku castle vicinity. The castle is well-preserved with Ryukyu limestone ramparts. While there is Nunodzumi- style masonry used in certain walls, others are built according to the Aikata masonry technique, which tells us that the castle was not built at one time, but was more likely constructed over a long period of time. Lord Gosamaru is also famous for having overthrown Katsuren lord Amawari in 1458.
Era of location (facility) Before the Meiji era
Parking available
Contact c/o Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau,
Okinawa Industrial Support Center 2F, 1831-1 Oroku, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 901-0152
Inquiry Phone:098-859-6162


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