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Kasuga Shrine

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Data ID 440200077
Name of film commission Oita City Location Office
Location Oita City
Date photographed 6/2019
Time photographed Morning
Weather photographed Fine
Description The foundation of Kasuga Shrine is during the Heian period. It is one of the old shrines in the prefecture. In 2001, we set up a wedding reception banquet room, etc., and we are working on the management corresponding to the new era while respecting the tradition and ceremony. The precinct located in the center of Oita City is about 8,000 tsubo. There is a large camphor tree in the approach. It is a relaxing place full of green.
Era of location (facility) Before the Meiji era
Parking Yes
Contact 2-31 Niage-machi, Oita, Oita Prefecture 870-8504
c/o Oita City Hall
Inquiry Phone:097-578-7749


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