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Observation Deck, Ruins of Takezaki Castle

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Data ID 410200151
Name of film commission SAGA Prefectural Film Commission
Location Tara town, Saga prefecture
Date photographed 04/2007
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description Ariake Sea has a tidal range of approximately 6 meters. The notable transformation of the water's surface into a mud flat as the tide recedes is a scene unique to Ariake Sea. From the high point of Takezaki Castle Ruins Lookout, one can gaze down upon workings of nature such as this. This is the site where a castle was originally built 600 years ago in the Nanboku-cho Period and a vantage point which offers spectacular views, including the mountains of Unzen and Aso when the weather is fine. Enjoy the magnificent views of Ariake while soaking up the romantic historical atmosphere.
Era of location (facility) Nothing
Parking TBC
Contact 1-1-59 Jonai, Saga, Saga Prefecture 840-8570
1st floor of the Saga Prefectural Office,Newbuilding
Inquiry Phone:0952-25-7296


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