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Arita Porcelain Park

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Data ID 410200056
Name of film commission SAGA Prefectural Film Commission
Location Arita town, Saga prefecture
Date photographed 01/2006
Time photographed Night
Weather photographed Fine
Description Arita Porcelain Park is a park which could only have been created in the home of Arita-yaki, a pottery style which influenced ceramics and porcelain around the world and fascinated European royalty and aristocracy from the 17th century onwards. The first amazing scene to leap into view is the symbol of Porcelain Park, a superb reproduction of the Zinger Palace in Germany, built at the beginning of the 18th century and said to be the epitome of Baroque Architecture. The Zinger Palace of Arita Porcelain Park houses works from the second period of exportation which lasted from the end of the Tokugawa shogunate reign to the Meiji Period. Moreover, visitors to the park can also experience Arita-yaki pottery first-hand or take a tour of the sake brewery to see how sake, shochu and beer, purchase alcohol, or taste sake only available directly at the brewery itself. The park also offers an abundance of dining choices including Western and Japanese cuisines or buffet-style dining, as well as a cafe and bakery. Arita Porcelain Park is a place where visitors can spend the whole day relaxing and leisurely viewing the flowers.
Era of location (facility) Nothing
Parking TBC
Contact 1-1-59 Jonai, Saga, Saga Prefecture 840-8570
1st floor of the Saga Prefectural Office,Newbuilding
Inquiry Phone:0952-25-7296


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