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Toko-ji Temple

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Data ID 350100017
Name of film commission Hagi Film Commission
Location Hagi city, Yamaguchi
Date photographed 07/2005
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description At a temple of the national outstanding one of the three leading Zen sects in Japan that 3 代藩主毛利吉就 founded 名僧慧極 of the Hagi native place as a founder in (1691) in 1691, it is a family temple of Mori House along with Daisho-in Temple. Outer gate, Mikado, bell tower, each large male Hoden are appointed to the important cultural property of the country and leave the feature of the famous temple with a venerable history. Mori House Burial Place of the main hall of a Buddhist temple back is Historic Site of the country designation, and there are the feudal lord of odd numbers charges from 吉就 to 11 generations and the wife and the whole families, the grave of the person concerned, and the front of the grave is lined with the stone lantern baskets of the more than 500 group that a clansman did oblation. In addition, there are martyrdom 11 patriot grave, revolution patriot memorial service grave eight. There is much treasure of a temple, and there are the picture of the Moya group of the Choshu feudal clan order illustrator, the amount of tree, a pair of decoration boards hung on a pillar of the prefecture designation tangible cultural property, a paratile. In addition, fire is put in several hundred garden lanterns which a vassal offered the front of the grave of the feudal lord every year in many lamps society on August 15 and creates the world of the mysterious profundity.
Era of location (facility) Before the Meiji era
Parking available
Contact c/o Tourism Division, the Hagi City Office,
510 Emukai, Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture 758-8555
Inquiry Phone:0838-25-3139


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