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Ishitani Residence

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Data ID 310100051
Name of film commission Tottori Prefecture Film Commission
Location Chizu-chō, Yazu-gun, Tottori prefecture
Date photographed 01/2009
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description Facing Chizu’s main thoroughfare, in the Edo period the Ishitani Residence was the largest building in the Tottori feudal domain’s largest post-station town, which later became Chizu. Laid out to encircle a spacious courtyard garden, the mansion is comprised of 40 rooms, including seven earthen-walled storehouses. Built over a ten-year span in the Taisho period, the harmony of this splendid structure’s varied forms and patterns have earned it a place in Japan’s list of Important Cultural Properties as a masterpiece of extant traditional construction. Four of the seven storehouses have been converted to museums open to the public.
Era of location (facility) Taishou era
Parking available
Contact 411-4 Aioi-cho, Tottori City
Inquiry Phone:0857-39-2111


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