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wisteria in Kasuga Taisha shrine

春日大社 藤
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Data ID 290200163
Name of film commission Nara Prefectural Film Commission
Location Nara city, Nara prefecture
Date photographed 05/2003
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description On the approach to Kasugataisha Shrine, this walled garden features around 250 varieties of plants, described in Japan’s oldest collection of poetry, the Manyoshu. A pleasant strolling garden in all seasons, it is best around May when the wisteria are in full bloom, and in early June for the irises. On May 5 and November 10, traditional performances with ancient court music and dancers in period costume are held at the shrine.
Era of location (facility) Nothing
Parking not available
Contact Noborioji-cho 30, Nara City 630-8501
Inquiry Phone:0742-27-8975


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