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Nara Daimonji Okuribi

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Data ID 290200147
Name of film commission Nara Prefectural Film Commission
Location Nara city, Nara prefecture
Date photographed 00/0000
Time photographed Night
Weather photographed Fine
Description Daimonji Okuribi is a fire festival held on the evening of August 15 to honour the spirits of fallen soldiers and pray for peace. As a memorial service is conducted with a mixture of Buddhist and Shinto rituals, an enormous “大,” the Chinese character for “great,” which also represents the universe, is set alight on Mt. Takamado above the city. 108 flames make up the character, representing the traditional number of worldly desires possessed by humans.
Era of location (facility) Nothing
Parking not available
Contact Noborioji-cho 30, Nara City 630-8501
Inquiry Phone:0742-27-8975


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