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Nara Tokae

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Data ID 290200146
Name of film commission Nara Prefectural Film Commission
Location Nara city, Nara prefecture
Date photographed 08/2002
Time photographed Night
Weather photographed Fine
Description A relatively recent event first held in 1999, this lantern festival takes place nightly from August 5 to 14 every year, turning World Heritage rich Nara Park into a sea of candlelight. All are encouraged to participate, and for a small fee visitors receive their own lantern to set out with a wish. Many of Nara Park’s famous venues participate, including Todaiji at the end of the festival, when thousands of lanterns illuminate the Great Buddha within. The magical atmosphere during Nara Tokae is not to be missed.
Era of location (facility) Nothing
Parking not available
Contact Noborioji-cho 30, Nara City 630-8501
Inquiry Phone:0742-27-8975


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