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Hasedera temple

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Data ID 290200029
Name of film commission Nara Prefectural Film Commission
Location Sakurai city, Nara prefecture
Date photographed 11/2003
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description One of the most beautiful temples in the area, Hasedera, founded in AD 686, is often called the temple of flowers. The approach to the temple is lined with restaurants and shops, creating a lively atmosphere. The temple is perched near the top of a mountain, reached by a covered stairway, lined with stone lanterns and flowers. The steps are not steep and easily manageable. The elderly and disabled may drive to the top.
Era of location (facility) Before the Meiji era
Parking available
Contact Noborioji-cho 30, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8501
Inquiry Phone:0742-27-8478


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