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Takayama Chikurinen

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Data ID 290200023
Name of film commission Nara Prefectural Film Commission
Location Ikoma city, Nara prefecture
Date photographed 12/2003
Time photographed Daytime
Weather photographed Fine
Description The Takayama area is famous for making tea whisks (chasen). Local families have been passing down the trade for 500 years. The whisks are made from bamboo which grows across the area. This traditional garden features a bamboo forest, with 50 different species of bamboo. On weekends and public holidays you can see free demonstrations of whisk making by local craftspeople and try making matcha tea. You can also enjoy green tea and sweets in the garden.
Era of location (facility) Nothing
Parking available
Contact Noborioji-cho 30, Nara City 630-8501
Inquiry Phone:0742-27-8975


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