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Hardware Museum

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Data ID 280700006
Name of film commission Miki Film Commission
Location 5-43, Uenomaru-cho, Miki, Hyogo, Japan
Date photographed 6/2012
Time photographed Morning
Weather photographed Clouded sky
Description It opened in 1976. They are preserving and exhibiting traditional manufacturing methods that are about to be lost, and precious materials of Hardware. The Old Style of Tempering Metal Basically, on the 1st Sunday in every month, in order to maintain the traditional technique, the demonstration of the old and attractive style of tempering goods has been held at the place to temper, where the bellows are used.
Era of location (facility) Nothing
Contact 2-1-18, Hon-machi, Miki, Hyogo
Inquiry Phone:0794-82-3190


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