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Nashinoki Park

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Data ID 050400046
Name of film commission yokote film commission
Location Akita Prefecture Yokote-city Jumonji town Nishihara Nibancho
Date photographed 10/2009
Time photographed Morning
Weather photographed Fine
Description There are two drum bridges, "Aiai Bashi" and "Renren Bashi". Over middle of April to early May, over 80 carp streamer will swim in the sky while being surrounded by cherry blossoms. Approximately 20 lit bulbs are lit.
Era of location (facility) Post-war Showa era
Parking Yes
Contact 1F Y2 plaza, 1-21 Ekimae cho, Yokote city, Akita prefecture 013-0036
c/o Yokote City Tourism Federation
Inquiry Phone:0182-38-8652


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